Using our 5 main backdrops as well as a multitude of lighting techniques, we can create many unique designs for a fun, imaginative photo booth.  Choose from one of our 5 main backdrops below. 






Feel like something different? Give us a call and we will explore the options for creating a new handmade backdrop for your special event.








From the outside it looks like a normal open air photo booth, but it’s one that allows users to make a creative light painting portraits on the spot. On a touch screen monitor a live display shows the light trails and brushstrokes while each artwork is being painted. Guests can share their masterpiece instantly or walk away with a high quality light painting printout. If you’re interested in a Light Painting Photo Booth for your next event, please send us a message!





Cinemagraphs are a media form that combine elements of moving video and high quality still photographs. Our software allows guests to create mesmerizing, seamless moving images in real time. Users select a specific image within a photograph to animate, by simply rubbing their finger over the object. Whether it’s hair blowing in the wind or a flickering fire in the background of an otherwise still image, the effect can be spellbinding. The "live-painting" technology of our Cinemagraph Photo Booth takes photography to new levels with high quality, high-resolution images that come in an easily sharable compact file size.






Want to capture a short dance, romantic kiss, or client testimonial? Our Video Booth technology can capture, display and share your clips instantly.  Our Video Booth allows your guests to record personal messages to you throughout your wedding or event. Each video will then be edited into a custom DVD for you to keep.


Video Booth Options:

  • HD video

  • Onsite playback

  • Social sharing

  • Digital files after event

  • Sound available on request





Our Slow Motion Photo Booth records your guests going crazy at 240fps then plays back the video in slow motion for tons of fun. Share your video immediately by email right after seeing your slowed down video.






Stand in front of the monitor, press a button, the Slow Motion Photo Booth will start counting down and record several seconds of video. Review the video, slow it down, play it back and share the slow motion video through email to all of your friends.



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