How Much Should a Photo Booth Cost in 2023?

The average cost for a photo booth rental in Tucson varies depending on several factors. Namely the package selected, customization, and the level of expertise as well as experience of the photo booth company.

If you’re thinking about hiring a photo booth for your event in Tucson, the average cost for an amateur photo booth rental is around $500. On the other hand, professional photo booth companies in Tucson typically charge between $1000 and $3000. Price is dependent on their reputation and credibility.

As events are picking up again, couples are now paying more than ever for a photo booth. However, it is money well spent since having the right photo booth will add an extra special touch to your event, providing guests with a fun and memorable experience.

Budget-Friendly Amateur Photo Booth Rentals vs. Professional Photo Booth Companies in Tucson

While it is important to save money wherever you can, compromising on your Photo Booth can leave you more than a little disappointed on your big day. The truth is that while budget-friendly Photo Booth rentals will provide you with photo memories of your event, a professional Photo Booth is so much more than just a person pressing a button on a camera.

Professional Photo Booth operators are experienced, use only the best camera equipment, and dedicated to ensuring that your special day is as amazing as it can possibly be. They spend many hours preparing for an event, which shows their dedication to what they do.

What Services Does a Photo Booth Company in Tucson Offer?

Before reserving a photo booth, it’s important to understand what services you can expect. Not all photo booths in Tucson offer the same services, so it’s important to discuss your expectations with the company before deciding to use their services.

Some companies, including Bloom, also offer additional lighting or backdrop choices. Check out all of the additional services offered in our signature Bloom Photo Booth, here.

What Are You Paying for When Hiring a Professional?

Many couples are often surprised when they hear how much it costs to hire a professional photo booth. However, it’s important to remember that prices reflect the value that a professional adds to the event overall. Here is a breakdown of what you are paying for when you hire a professional:


With a once-in-a-lifetime event, you want the best equipment. A professional photo booth will have the latest and most reliable equipment. When you hire a professional, a portion of the cost goes towards maintaining and buying equipment. This ensures they are always showing up with only the best for your big day.


Package prices cover the time that they will spend at your event. It also includes the prep time required for the company prior to the event. Before the day of the event, photo booth companies will spend hours preparing and making sure everything is perfect for your big day.

Insurance and Other Costs

Operational expenses such as ink cartridges, high-quality photo paper, and other relevant equipment fees are all included in the cost. Photo booths also pay for insurance, which is to protect you, the company, and the venue in the event or emergency or damage.

Factors That Can Increase Prices

Certain factors influence the cost of a Tucson photo booth rental.

Adding booths and upgrades

If you add a second booth, additional backdrops, or extra equipment for a large event, this could result in a higher cost.

Be sure to discuss your venue with the photo booth company before the big day to find out whether these extra charges apply.

The Length of Time the Photo Booth Is Required to be Open

The longer you need your photo booth to be available, the higher your rental cost will be. This is because we bill on an hourly basis. Also, more than one photo booth might be required to have a consistent presence for all-day events or parties that continue late into the night.

Average Tucson Photo Booth Rental Cost Per Hour

The average Tucson photo booth rental cost per hour ranges from $200-$500 per hour.

Travel Time

Travel costs can mount if a company is required to travel several hours to get to a venue. If this is the case, an additional travel fee may occur. The average cost for extra travel time can vary.


If you opt for a sought-after, professional photo booth for your event, you can expect to pay more for their services.

Need a Tucson Photo Booth Rental? Reach out to Bloom Photo Booth!

Hiring a photo booth rental in Tucson isn’t always easy. Especially if you are looking for high-quality service. We’re here to help. Take a look at our packages and let us know if you have any questions or want to book a date. At Bloom Photo Booth, we give you the best photo booth rental experience in Tucson and ensure your event is a total hit!